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Bee Empowered Incorporated believes in the importance of sharing the stories of women.

The Honey House is a safe place where we promote the importance of healthy lifestyles and wellness conversations. Our goal is to provide our community with the latest information to live your best and healthiest version of your life both personally & professionally.

It's about giving yourself permission to prioritize YOU! 





























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Virtual Wellness Party


Meet Our Virtual Presenters

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Stacey Dickson

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Stacey Dickson

Dancersize Undignified

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Sireesha Chirala

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Sireesha Chirala

Yoga with Sireesha

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We are supercharged and excited to connect with you through this free virtual event experience.  We invite you to view our wellness party, Dance with Us and be apart of our Ask The Doc conversation, with Dr. Melanie Mary Vettimattam, who is a local female physician who will be answering your questions you sent to us anonymously. This segment is exclusively sponsored by our friends at USMD Health Systems.

Here is what you can expect during our wellness party! 

  •  Guided Yoga Zen Session by Sireesha Chirala         

  •  Dance Party Kick Off with Stacey Dickson at Dancersize Undignified  Dance  

  • Ask The Doc Q & A with Autumn Reo and Dr. V.                 

Virtual Wellness Party

Virtual Wellness Party

Autumn Reo

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I’m interested in everything from A-Z when it comes to kids AND parents. From where to go for fun, the newest products and technology, how to feed the fam something tasty and healthy, and just how to be happy.  My son loves everything from tech to cooking, my daughter just wants whatever her brother currently has, and mama is hoping one day she’ll finally figure out what she’s gonna be when she grows up…oh wait –  I already have -grown up that is, but I’m always looking for my next adventure!

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 Dr. Melanie Vettimattam

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A desire to serve and help others led Dr. Vettimattam to her career as a physician. She loves meeting patients and forming relationships with them that grow over time and treasures interacting with and treating entire families. She enjoys having interactive discussions with her patients and encourages them to play active roles in their care. She wants to empower her patients and arm them with knowledge so they can make educated decisions about health and wellness. Dr. Vettimattam was born in Detroit and moved to Dallas when she was 10 years old. She now lives in Haltom City and, in her free time, enjoys exploring all that Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer. She also enjoys spin classes and cycling, reading fantasy fiction books, and cooking. She is fluent in Malayalam and speaks some Spanish.

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The Optum emotional support line is open to the public and free of charge to anyone who calls.


If you’re experiencing anxiety or stress regarding all of the news about COVID-19, Optum has opened its emotional support help line that gives you access to trained mental health professionals. The number is 1-866-342-6892 and is available 24/7. This service is open to all and is free of charge.


We also always encourage patients who feel they need emotional support to talk with their primary care physician.

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